Mobility Plus Co., Ltd. Developed an advanced useful power generation system of truck enginery.
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Service car with True-G system openly developed by Mobility plus


Satisfy the requirement of customer to operation on errands.

Not only the high added value of tire service requires to conduct rescue service at the specified working place and in the specified working time, but also the requirement of sending personnel to the place of customer for operation on errands increases. With high function, high performance and high quality of tire and wheel, the tire maintenance equipments (tire changer, wheel balancer, etc.) during the operation on errands are also necessary.

The mobile service truck we provide can offer the same service to customer as in the store.

With the aim to provide the same service to customer as in the store, the tire service car is required to have the reliability, safety, durability and saving maintenance as mobile service truck whenever possible and there should be favorable working environment around the staff and car.

Characteristics of new service ca

High safety and operability

Saving maintenance
Discuss weight balance from the body design
phase, etc. Avoid man-made incorrect use of simple operation.
As no preliminary engine is carried, the troubles of maintenance, oil filling and oil change are reduced.
High durability
Provide comfortable operational environment
To ensure operation for over ten years,
We use the specially designed strengthened body.
Reduce harmful tail gas, vibration, noise and heat and realize comfortable operational environment..
High reliability
Increase the design freedom
Take engine for driving as the power supply,
Carry simple True-G power generation system.
Effectively use the space over and under the body  floor, Able to configure and pack the equipments  required for operation freely.
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