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What is True-G system? (current situation and problems)
Fully satisfy the requirement of operational field

For the work of replacing and maintaining tire, most of the air compressor, tire changer and tire balancer used are placed in the store as fixed equipments.
For maintenance and replacement services at the working field on errands, perform maintenance service through the equipments and tire carried on the car.


The equipment (True-G) system, which is developed to satisfy
the requirement of operational field, is the equipments carried on the car .

Current situation

Equipments and devices carried on the car

‚Pj compressor
‚Qj tire changer
‚Rj tire balancer
‚Sj air tank
‚Tj air hose reel
‚Uj generator
‚Vj elevator, oil pressure crane
@ (produced by Hiabu company)
‚Wj tire loading space
‚Xj accessory tools and parts

Engine compressor, motor compressor
Electric oil pressure type, electric type, air electric type
Manual rotary type (measuring and display part is electric)

160L ` 240L
Engine generator, PTO generator

We need to configure these equipments effectively in the limited car rack space. The priority of equipment configuration is determined in view of the operational aspect, which is roughly as follows


Priority of equipment configuration

‚Pj operational space: consider environment, safety and efficiency of worker
‚Qj generator and compressor
‚Rj tire changer and tire balancer
‚Sj tire loading space
‚Tj air tank, fuel tank, accumulator, etc.
‚Uj accessory tools and parts

However after carrying these equipments, the limited rack space of light-van will be nearly fully occupied.
In particular
How to deal with the configuration place of generator
and air compressor as power supply?

Problems of engine compressor and generator


If there is much noise, heat and vibration without sound and heat insulation, the operational environment will be very poor and the tail gas (harmful substances such as stench, black smoke, etc.) will have a bad influence on the surrounding environment.


Be sure to check before the operation.
(from confirming that the engine starts to engine oil, battery liquid, fuel, oil leakage, etc.)

œ Big equipment needs big configuration space.
œ As the loads concentrate at one point, it is difficult to obtain the flip angle of car (angle limit of lateral turnover while tilting the car) at different configuration places. The front axle of car allows the load to increase and it is impossible to reflect the performance of refitted working car and the design freedom.
œ It is difficult for common user to find the position of failure, so professionals are required to be invited for regular maintenance, or it is very likely that the fuel will catch fire. To maintain safety and initial performance, some operational cost is required.

Although the initial cost and the price of equipment is relatively low and the car refitting is also convenient, other additional equipments are required for heat and sound insulation project and regular maintenance, which will be computed as refitting expense, so the final expense can be very high.

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What is True-G system? (current situation and problems)
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