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True-G system?large-capacity alternator system

■large-capacity alternator of engine for truck traveling, method of frequency inversion,
  power generation and air compressor system

As it is a system for power generation and air compression with advanced engine for truck traveling through technical innovation, it is most appropriate to carry service car of tire changer.
The vehicle-mounted electric compressor is a 5.5kw (7.5 horsepower) or 7.5kw (10 horsepower) air compressor which can run intermittently and have high output performance (stop when the tank pressure reaches the given value and start the system through electric control when the pressure drops. Repeat the operation automatically)

As the main switch of compressor is configured in the cab, the air tank can be ensured full before arriving at the field, which is very convenient.


■It can still work even if it is idling stop.

■The sound of compressor which produces the highest noise in the workroom can be improved through
  shortening the overall operational time.

■It can output 200V and 100V respectively and also can ensure the power supply for night lighting
  (light projector).


※ The function of idling stop is initially developed to measure and adjust the tire balance, which can be used for operation in a quiet residential quarter or as an environment friendly system for not producing noise and tail gas.


Composition of system (example: tire changing car)


Specification of power supply (example: tire changing car)

新開発大容量オルタネーター発電機(ALT) 制御ユニット・AVRユニット・インバーター

― Systematization with vehicle-mounting as precondition ―


The new power generation system used in True-G transforms the power generation part and the electricity to be generated into conversion fraction which is easily used to seek for organic combination of each part.

Thus each unit realizes miniaturization. Those which can be installed only at engine part are configured at the engine part and those which had better be configured at goods room are configured at goods room to save space.
The engine generator of the same performance has a size of about 1400 × 690 × 930 and dry weight of about 400kg . If the sound and heat insulation room where the engine is carried is made and is refitted according to fuel supply and tail gas emission, the space and weight can be bigger.


The total weight of parts required for True-G power generation is about 65kg .
For changer carrier no matter how heavy it is and how high its center of gravity is, it can be configured lightly and separately. It is important for low center of gravity as mobile object.


Vehicle-mounted air compressor
(The compressor in the photo is 7.5 horsepower and carried under the rack floor)

Through carry the load under the floor, low center of gravity of car can be effectively realized and the rack space can be utilized effectively.
Automatically stop and restart through the internal pressure of air tank (run intermittently).

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