Mobility Plus Co., Ltd. Developed an advanced useful power generation system of truck enginery.
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Combined enterprise is recruiting
【 Besides carrying man and goods, what else can truck do ・・・ 】

Combined enterprise is recruiting !!

<<True-G>> Let us create a high added-value business model with the small truck carrying the newly developed system, which uses the engine for truck traveling to generate power in large capacity.

Our company has developed an alternator system which uses the engines of small truck and van with well mobility to generate 3-phase 200V 10KVA over large-capacity power supply.
Combined with the engine which complies with the strictest new tail gas emission rules on truck loading recently published in the world, it is a system free of maintenance with best environmental performance.

Now we are developing a system with higher output capacity, which can also be used as the power supply system of small television OB van carrying the ground digital player of TV station.

Let us seek slowly according to the business idea together to create high added-value services which can be realized on the spot and can really satisfy customer.


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Regional agents are being recruited

Mobil ity plus is recruiting regional agents which can assist us to distribute and install (maintain) the tire service car ( Mobile Service Truck ) with True-G system and True-G system (unit)


Inquires / Document RequestWe can satisfy all of your requests

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