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Characteristic of True-G system
True-G system

The problems just listed are caused obviously by power supply and can be solved with True-G through utilizing the engine power of car.

The basic car uses 2 ` 3-ton diesel engine (manual shift car) and the revolution of engine is set at about 1000rpm, which is slightly higher than that of idling.
Thus the noise will be reduced and the imbalance of engine revolution will also disappear. In addition, it will not increase the fuel consumption rate and cause no burden on the engine.

The recent car also installs the engine under cover and becomes very quiet.
With the implementation of new long-term tail gas emission rules (established in 2005), HC, Nox and PM of tail gas is greatly improved.
In addition, the speed governor is electronically controlled and compared with previous condition, the change of revolution is very stable.

As all parts use the power of car engine and the engine meets the strictest stipulations in the world, it can not only be used to drive car but also be considered as gthe power supply for power generation and air compressionh.


The driving system is more than sufficient and has well staying power.


As it need not be maintained, there is no operational cost.


As the separate distribution of system is relatively free, the flip angle and axle weight of car is well balanced and the design freedom is relatively high. (With high space use factor)

Compared with the number of engine parts, the number of system parts is very small, so it is unlikely to fail and its weight is small, which makes the center of gravity of the car very low.
There is no vibration, noise and heat and the tail gas is also clean, so favorable operational environment can be realized.

Even if many products (tires) are loaded and are used for a long time each day, they are unlikely to be damaged and can be used continuously.


Rescue work is needless to say. It can also enlarge the tire distribution scale.

What is True-G system?
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