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Kinds of tire service car Solution What is the True-G Procedure of delivery of cars Company
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Determine operational purpose

Please discuss the service car according to the operational purpose.

1. Proper rapid TB box
 - dual-purpose TB/PC service
 - with priority on TB service

2. Proper rapid PC box
  - with priority on PC service

3. Proper rapid general flat type
 -general type

Decide to buy a car

Please discuss the method of buying car.

1.Supply method
 - customer
 -the company

※ If the car is supplied by customer,
  The customer will bear the land freight
   to our company by himself
2.Car manufacturer
  -Isuzu ELF
  -Nissan CONDOR
  -Mitsubishi CANTER
  -Hino DUTRO

Determine the equipments to be carried

Please select proper equipments according to the operational content.

 -TB tire changer
 -TB tire balancer
 -PC tire changer
 -TB wheel balancer
 -air filler
 -air jack, booster jack, garage jack
 -if other equipments and tools are required,
   please tell us.

Submit quotation

We will make the layout drawing of service car according to 1 〜 3 and then submit it with the quotation to the customer.

Car acceptance

Delivery occurs in about 60 〜 90 days after car acceptance.


Make specially designed body For tire service car


1Make high-rigidity body
  -as tire maintenance equipments with
   heavy weight are often loaded,
  The floor is first to be strengthened.

2.Layout and loading of equipments
  -according to the layout drawing, set
   front-rear and left-right weight balance
   for proper configuration.
  Load all products (tires) whenever

Field inspection and confirmation by customer

Including confirmation and inspection of final state. Be sure to invite the customer to confirm in person after final completion.

If fine adjustment of the position of equipments carried is required, please bring it forward at this time.

At the same time discuss car painting and mark, etc. (quote additionally)

To obtain the right license plate, precheck should be accepted.

Completion of car
Tire service car with high-performance True-G system is finished.
Land transportation

The land freight is different in different regions. (quote additionally)
Register at the use place of customer
Register various relevant charges, which are paid in cash additionally.
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