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HOME What is True-G system? Maintenance and after-service warranty

Maintenance / After service and warranty

Basically the system requires no maintenance, but the following general inspection is required.

Common items

Engine for truck traveling

regular maintenance such as changing oil and replenishing water to car engine.

Air compressor

change oil of compressor body regularly.

Belt conveyer

check and replace V belt regularly.

Generator ALT

conduct a regular inspection to belt conveyer and a regular overhaul to generator body for each 3 ` 4 years

Accumulator for special operation

as it is airproof, it requires no maintenance. Replace for each 3 ` 4 years.

After service and warranty

For after service, please contact our company. We will provide the parts required for replacement after the equipments fail or abrade or conduct maintenance according to the need.

The warranty period of True-G system and body is a year after delivery.
If it is really the flaw or defective of manufacturing, we will sincerely replace or maintain it with no charge.

If it is a failure caused by other undefined reasons, the two parties negotiate to solve the problem.
For the secondary harm caused by the defective, compensation is unlikely.

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