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The electricity generated by running engine and the electricity generated by battery is used alternately or simultaneously (hybrid use).
Specifically speaking, the electricity generated while traveling is used to charge the accumulator and if the engine stops at the working field (idling stop), the electricity generated by accumulator drives the equipments carried to run.
As there is no noise, vibration and tail gas during the operation of the equipments, ideal working environment can be realized.

After the accumulator drives the equipments to run for a period, the quantity of electricity will decrease and it is impossible to drive the equipments to run after the voltage drops. The engine can be started to generate power and keep the equipments running continuously.

The earthquake experience car further develops the system and the capacity of battery is expanded to ensure the earthquake experience car or performance equipments can run with no idling for a whole day or over 5 〜 8 hours.

In addition, it is well known that if the accumulator is over-charged or over-discharged, its performance will drop obviously.
The hybrid system controls the accumulator through the system to ensure it to be charged and discharged repeatedly in a certain range.

Plug-in system

As True-G system charges the discharged accumulator after making the equipments run for a while, it adopts the method of starting engine to make it run for rapid charging.
But there is also situation of running little or completely not running for the car stops, so we have developed the function of inserting the plug into household AC 100V socket for charging.
At this time, as it is household socket, the accumulator can be charged slowly at low voltage. It is usually charged at night during practical use.
To prevent the accumulator from being over-charged, we install a system to automatically stop charging when it finishes.


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