Mobility Plus Co., Ltd. Developed an advanced useful power generation system of truck enginery.
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HOME Examples of True-G Proper rapid Short body
Short body type with True-G system (of PC, LT specification) now on sale
      y 4905mm long in total 1800mm wide in total 3130mm long for the compartment z
It carries necessary equipments in a car body with standard-width cab, which is less than 5m long in total. The convenience of driving is needless to say and the problem of parking place can also be solved. It plays the role of urban service car.
Car data

It adopts electric compressor. Compared with engine compressor, it is highly steady and quiet.
As it works in low operational state, so it is durable and clean.
Stop when air pressure reaches 13.5kpa ` 14kpa and restart when air pressure reaches about 11kpa (intermittent operational mode)

Capacity of compressor

5 horsepower (3,7KW) type maximum pressure 14kPa output about 360L /minute

Capacity of oil tank
150L ` 200L (installed under the floor)
Power generation equipmen

Different from the generator carried on the chassis engine, the newly developed large-capacity alternator carried uses the electricity generated while traveling to charge the accumulator at work. The working accumulator can work through inverter without changing the common 3-phase 200V tire maintenance equipment available on market. So it can also work when the car engine stops. The emission of tail gas during the operation is needless to say and there is completely no engine sound, so it can work at the residential quarter as well as at night and indoors.

As the engine doesn't vibrate, the tire balance and precision all improves, which can be measured.
Even if the accumulator has no residual electricity, it can also be charged immediately after driving for 5 ` 10 minutes.

Power generation and purpose
3-phase 200V: compressor, tyre rearrangement equipment, TB changer, PC changer
Single-phase 100V: balancer measuring part, air filler, lighting installation, electric tool, etc.
As these equipments are very compact and can be nearly all placed under the rack floor, the space over the rack floor can be fully used to realize miniaturization of car length.
It can carry TB changer, tire balancer, air filler with pressure adjustment function, hose reel, vertical elevator shaft, other lighting installation, turn light, etc.
Main tire maintenance equipments

Motor compressor
Produced by Fuji Compressor (of over-floor sound insulation specification)

Tire balancer
PC changer
Air hose reel and
control unit
Expansion diagram of proper rapid short body type
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