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Solution1 (settlement of problems) problems of old specification and solution
@The previous tire service car is
Compressed air package-type engine compressor
Power supply package-type engine or package-type engine
electric compressor
The cost of these combinations can be reduced very lowly and
the refitting is also very easy, but if another engine is taken as the power supply,
in any case the following problems will occur .
Problem of failure and reliability Various engine failures will occur. (For example, problem of starting engine in the morning in severe winter and overheating of engine in summer.)
There is also problem caused by fuel Hazard of car catching fire for fuel leakage.
Problem of low capacity and durable years

For small engine operating at nearly full load with little capacity left, after long period of operation, its initial performance can easily drop and its mechanical life and durable years will also become short.

Problem of maintenance

Besides maintenance of car, it is also required to perform daily maintenance to another engine such as adjustment, maintenance and oil change.

Problem of freedom of configuration and design

Problem of space efficiency caused by loading engine. The car becomes large for carrying necessary tools and tire maintenance equipments.

Problem of surrounding environment and working environment

As there is much black smoke in the tail gas emitted by small diesel engine, the car is polluted. The petroleum engine also has the disadvantages of high noise and fire hazard, etc.

If another engine is not installed and the compressor and generator operate with power supply from engine installed on the chassis, the above-mentioned problems can be all solved.

The recent new-type truck chassis engine exceeds the Japanese stipulations on tail gas, which are known as the most strict in the world. The tail gas (emitted by three-star and four-star engine) contains little PM particle (black smoke particle) and is very clean.
Of course, its reliability and durability is also recognized and the torque caused by rotating chassis engine (900 revolutions) at an idle condition is the power supply, so the fuel efficiency will not drop.
In addition, it is impossible to affect the chassis engine and reduce the original mechanical life.

The unit is very compact and nearly all parts can be installed under the floor.
So the limited rack space can be effectively utilized. The car itself is compact and the freedom of equipment configuration and packaging is also improved.

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