Mobility Plus Co., Ltd. Developed an advanced useful power generation system of truck enginery.
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Kinds of tire service car Solution What is the True-G Procedure of delivery of cars Company
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Kinds of tire service car with True-G
The tire service car with True-G system developed by Mobility plus company will provide newly designed special body for tire service car.

Convenience of use
We invite attendant to practically operate and experience. Our technical experience is applied everywhere to ensure real convenience of use.

Strength and safety
The loaded equipments including changer and compressor have a heavy weight.
The strength of body may be ignored, but in view of perennial operation, it must be improved.
The specially developed body is strengthened from framework to the crossbar supporting the floor under it and the rigidity of body is also improved.

Design and arrange with precondition of obtaining 88 number s
Discuss front-rear, left-right and high-low weight balance as well as the position of center of gravity and make the car according to relevant laws to ensure customer ride safely and confidently.

Specially designed wing body(wide cab, long body)
Specially designed sliding door(wide cab, long body)
Specially designed short body(of standard width, 5m long in total)TB specification, PC specification
Distribution of True-G power generation system kit(for customer who doesnft require to refit the body)
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