Mobility Plus Co., Ltd. Developed an advanced useful power generation system of truck enginery.
Mobility Plus
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Integrated marketing of True-G system

True-G power generation system developed by Mobility p lus can also be marketed wholly.

For customer who refits the body himself
We first ask the customer about model and equipments to be carried, then specially design True-G system for that customer.


The new power generation system used in True-G transforms the power generation part and the electricity to be generated into conversion fraction which is easily used to seek for organic combination of each part.

Thus each unit realizes miniaturization. Those which can be installed only at engine part are configured at the engine part and those which had better be configured at goods room are configured at goods room to save space.
The engine generator of the same performance has a size of about 1400 ~ 690 ~ 930 and dry weight of about 400kg. If the sound and heat insulation room where the engine is carried is made and is refitted according to fuel supply and tail gas emission, the space and weight can be bigger.
The result may be that the axle of front wheel is overweighted and the center of gravity is too high, which may lead to the flip angle test fail and much limitation to the design and production of car.